63 Million Images are Added Daily to the Visual Web


That's a whole pile of images!

Have you adapted?

Taggs does the heavy work for you. With realtime analysis of the Visual Web we are able to provide some awesome tools at your finger tips

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Need some inspiration? We've got you covered. Millions of images at your finger tips. Mix and match to your hearts content. Save a mood board to share with others.

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Like it should be. Test before you post. No account required. Choose your brand, platform and upload your test image. We work our magic and proof is in your inbox.

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Sweet and simple. A beautiful daily email with updates on your brand, your digital heart throbs or even the competition. Choose three, any three - the email is free!

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Crafted for the Visual Web

Sounds awesome! How is it done?

Taggs uses advanced analytics, machine learning and real time systems to keep your advertising in sync with current trends and at maximum engagement. In normal human speak - we gather tons and tons of images from the visual web, send them through our powerful discovery robot and poof! Tons of knowledge available at your fingertips. It's Almost Like Magic™.

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